Lot 9

South Marysburgh House

Prince Edward County, ON

Located in a field on a gentle slope near the shore of Lake Ontario, a house and detached accessory building comprise three gable roof forms. The staggered arrangement of these forms creates a courtyard in the tradition of local farm buildings, providing definition to the exterior spaces in a currently un-treed portion of the property and setting up an entry sequence that unfolds alternating views of the field and lake.

The house organizes the living and sleeping functions as separate volumes. Subtractions from the primary rectangular forms provide shelter from the weather at entry doors and protection from the summer sun at patio doors.

1. Entry 2. Living Room 3. Dining Room 4. Kitchen 5. Washroom 6. Laundry 7. Office Niche 8. Master Bedroom 9. Ensuite 10. Closet 11. Garage 12. Work Bench 13. Propane Tank Storage

Within the simple gable-roofed forms of the house several strategies were used to achieve spatial richness and provide different rooms with distinct qualities. For example, a white on white palette unifies millwork and different wall and ceiling finishes; flat and pitched ceilings contribute to the intimateness or openness of different spaces.

Photography by Riley Snelling